Perkins Engines, Fitting Timing Cover And Front Seal

Relavant to 1000 series and Phaser engines - best method for fitting front seal

In this tutorial we look at how to fit the timing cover and front pulley seal.

This information relates to Perkins 1000 series and Phaser engines. Here, we are working on a Massey Ferguson tractor, but these engines are fitted to many different vehicles.

When these engines are fitted to tractors, the front casting needs to be removed to access the job, and so we must dismantle the whole of the front of the tractor. Because of this, we really need to make sure we have done the job correctly.

We look at the best method to fit the seal, whilst also positioning the timing cover in the correct place so that the water pump meshes correctly with its drive gear.

These lip seals can wear a groove into the shaft, and if this has happened to your engine we need to fit the new seal so that the wear in the shaft does not cause the new seal to leak. Different engines have different specifications for the seating of the seal, so you will need to find this specific information in the manual for your engine.

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Ian Ridsdale
Ian Ridsdale

With over 30 years experience repairing tractors, Ian is the head mechanic at Vintage Tractor Engineer.

Thousands of people have watched Ian's tractor maintenance videos. He's now one of the most well known tractor mechanics across the world.

Usually found in the workshop rebuilding engines, refurbishing hydraulic systems, finding electrical faults, doing brakes, clutches, wheel bearings, axles, differentials, gearboxes, fuel injection pumps, diagnosing problems.

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"Don't rush, take your time and THINK ABOUT IT. If you understand how a mechanical system works then you can usually diagnose the fault."

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