Massey Ferguson 135 Clutch Guide

1 hour 20 mins HD video tutorial.

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This guide is also relevant to Massey Ferguson 35 and 35X tractors with Perkins diesel engines (see below for more details).

About The Course

Does your tractor clutch need replacing or setting up correctly?

This video course will show you EXACTLY how to do it!

Refurbishing Massey Ferguson 135 Clutch.

Is one of these you?...

  • You have a slipping clutch?
  • Can't get a gear without grinding?
  • You've got oil leaking into the clutch housing.
  • Can't engage the PTO without grinding or stopping the engine?
  • You've lost drive to either the gearbox, PTO or hydraulic pump?
  • Worried you'll do it wrong, and won't be able to get it back together again?
  • Don't know how to dismantle the spring pressure safely?
  • Don't know how to determine if the clutch is worn?
  • Don't know how to assemble and undertake the set-up correctly?
  • Want to know the best method to fit the shaft oil seals?

...then this course will show you how to get your tractor clutch operating efficiently.

compressing clutch springs

assessing MF135 clutch plates

setting finger heights of tractor clutch

Information is included for both the 11" and the 12" clutch versions (see below for more details).

Oil Seals

Whilst the tractor is split to work on the clutch, it makes sense to also work on the other components that are within the clutch housing.

Oil entering the clutch housing is often a problem with these tractors. The oil gets onto the clutch plates and damages them.

We look at how to replace the input shaft seals and the engine shaft seal. It is very easy to damage the seals whilst fitting them, so we look at the best method of doing this.

replacing input shaft seals massey ferguson tractor

We also take a look at the Multi-Power control valve and the Multi-Power control shaft seals. Failure of these components is often the reason that the Multi-Power is not working as it should.

refurbishing MF multi-power control block

replacing multi-power snap ring shaft seals


We show you how to...

  • Split the tractor
  • Remove the clutch
  • Safely dismantle the clutch
  • Assess the clutch components
  • Use the correct modern spring type replacement, number and spacing
  • Rebuild the clutch correctly
  • Centralise the plates
  • Set the fingers
  • Adjust the p.t.o. clutch setting
  • Refit
  • Fit the thrust and spigot bearings
  • Adjust the pedal freeplay
  • Replace Multi-Power control valve seals and shaft oil ring seals
  • Replace the input shaft seals
  • Replace the engine shaft seals
  • Mechanics can charge a lot of money to replace a clutch, and it's a task anyone can do with the right knowledge.

    Do the job yourself, save some money, and know it's been done correctly.

    Don't hire a mechanic who doesn't know what they're doing!

    If a clutch replacement is not done correctly then you will soon be back splitting the tractor again for another replacement.

    Get started now!

    • Step-by-step procedures.
    • HD Video - clear and easy to follow.
    • Everything shown in detail.

    Information For Both MF135 Clutch Variants (11" and 12" main clutch plates) and MF35/35X Tractors With Perkins Diesel Engines

    Massey Ferguson 135 tractors were fitted with either a 11" or a 12" clutch, depending on the age of the tractor (11" clutch up to serial number 121069).

    The tutorial was filmed with a tractor that had the 11" clutch.

    The 12" clutch is of the same design and the procedure is the same as for the 11" clutch. All the information required for the 12" clutch is included in the course.

    Massey Ferguson 35 and 35X tractors with Perkins diesel engines have the same clutch as in this guide (11" main clutch plate). Other than one or two slight differences with pipes/connections when splitting the tractor, the information is the same.

    This guide is not relevant to the following tractors...

    • MF 35 with Standard Motor Company 23C diesel engine
    • MF 35 with petrol engine
    • MF 135 with petrol engine

    Centralising Tool

    Detailed dimensions are also given for the clutch centralising tool, so you can either manufacture your own or make sure you purchase the correct tool.

    using the clutch centralising tool

    The photo below shows a selection of centralising tools we've made for various different makes and models.

    selection of centralising tools

    Can Anyone Follow This Course?

    The videos take you through the process in step-by-step detail. No previous mechanical experience is required.

    • You will get access to all the tool dimensions and drawings.
    • The procedures are detailed for different splitting methods.
    • All other supporting information is provided.

    Component Replacement

    It is very difficult (nearly impossible) to replace the clutch components on some models of tractors in the home workshop. It is simply a case of splitting the tractor, removing the old clutch pack and replacing with a new ready-assembled unit. This is therefore expensive.

    One of the good things about the Massey Ferguson clutches is that they can be easily dismantled and the individual components can be replaced as necessary. This makes it much less expensive, and more fun!

    Get started now!

    Your Instructor

    Ian Ridsdale
    Ian Ridsdale

    With over 30 years experience repairing tractors, Ian is the head mechanic at Vintage Tractor Engineer.

    Thousands of people have watched Ian's tractor maintenance videos. He's now one of the most well known tractor mechanics across the world.

    Usually found in the workshop rebuilding engines, refurbishing hydraulic systems, finding electrical faults, doing brakes, clutches, wheel bearings, axles, differentials, gearboxes, fuel injection pumps, diagnosing problems.

    Ian's top tip!...

    "Don't rush, take your time and THINK ABOUT IT. If you understand how a mechanical system works then you can usually diagnose the fault."

    Wow! I'm no expert when it comes to mechanical things but your video is simple and clear enough to even keep me right!

    - Thanks, Andy

    Hi, I have all your videos - and I really enjoy the intelligent pace of them... Ian instructs very well and assumes correctly the level and ability of his audience...his style really suits me anyway!

    - Best Regards, John


    A Few More Photos From The Course

     jacking the tractor up

    splitting the MF135 tractor

    assessing the flywheel, MF135

    dismantling clutch components

    applying clutch and brake cleaner to flywheel

    Massey Ferguson input shaft lip seal assessment

    fitting shaft seal correctly

    assembled MF 135 clutch pack

    setting the pto clutch, MF 135

    As you can see from the photos, Vintage Tractor Engineer considers the clutch replacement to be only half of the job.

    Don't misunderstand us, the work on the clutch needs to be done correctly, but it is also very important to do the work on the shaft seals and Multi-Power control valve whilst you have the tractor split. This is where many people go wrong.

    These components need to be replaced carefully and by using the correct procedure.

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