Ferguson TE20 Hydraulics Tutorial

Hydraulic System Strip-Down and Rebuild

Want to repair the hydraulics on your TE20?

- but don't know how to do it.

Wouldn't it be great if...

  • You had a video to show you how?
  • Close-up camera shots showed you in step-by-step detail?
  • You could pause, rewind and replay?
  • You saved money on hiring a mechanic?
  • You knew the job was done correctly?

Well you can have this!

...with the Ferguson TE20 Hydraulics Tutorial

TE20 Hydraulic Pump Components

Ferguson TE 20 Tractor Hydraulic Inspection

What's included?

  • How to remove the top cover.
  • Removing the hydraulic pump.
  • Dismantling the pump.
  • Assessing the pump.
  • Assembling and refitting the pump.
  • Looking at the top cover and its components.
  • Assessing lift cylinder.
  • Rebuilding.
  • Quadrant set-up procedure.
  • Testing.

What is the tutorial for?

Any of the TE 20 tractors (including TEA, TED, TEF)

Also relevant to TO 20 tractors

TE 20 Lift Cylinder Piston And Rings

Inside Ferguson TE 20 Transmission Housing of Hydraulic Pump

Who is this tutorial for?

The videos are aimed at the complete beginner who has no previous mechanical experience.

Only a basic toolkit is required.

The result will be a fully restored hydraulic system, rebuilt to a high professional standard equivalent to that expected from a Ferguson trained mechanic.


Your Instructor

Ian Ridsdale
Ian Ridsdale

With over 30 years experience repairing tractors, Ian is the head mechanic at Vintage Tractor Engineer.

Thousands of people have watched Ian's tractor maintenance videos. He's now one of the most well known tractor mechanics across the world.

Usually found in the workshop rebuilding engines, refurbishing hydraulic systems, finding electrical faults, doing brakes, clutches, wheel bearings, axles, differentials, gearboxes, fuel injection pumps, diagnosing problems.

Ian's top tip!...

"Don't rush, take your time and THINK ABOUT IT. If you understand how a mechanical system works then you can usually diagnose the fault."


What people have said...

"Hi, Just viewed my copy of the TE 20 Hydraulics Tutorial and I’m really impressed with it. I’m no expert when it comes to mechanical things but the Tutorial is clear and simple enough to even keep me right – can’t wait to get started on my TEF! Thanks."


"Many thanks for the T20 Hydraulics Video – Very well put together. I bought it because my T20 hydraulics are under-performing."


"I could have probably managed to take the system apart and put it back together again. However, I would have really struggled with all the components in the pump. All those parts would have had me beaten I think, anyway the film just made it so easy to follow – knowing which parts to start with and building it up step-by-step. It was awesome been able to just copy the process. Superb!!"

Walter, New South Wales.

"It just couldn’t have been easier following your film. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without the vid."

David, Hampshire.

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